The Will Smith Slap Is Now a Cryptocurrency

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► 3 The Will Smith Slap Is Now a Cryptocurrency

By now you must know something about the slap heard around the world. At the 94th Annual Academy Awards Will Smith walked on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock for a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada. Don’t worry, we don’t have an opinion about what he did or the aftermath that ensued. We are more interested in the Will Smith Inu crypto coin and the impact that the incident at the awards show has had on the value of the coin.

Luckily for you, Crypto Clipper, we've done the research for you. It isn’t uncommon these days for a moment in pop culture to be minted as a coin or as an NFT. These crypto coins and tokens may skyrocket in popularity, or fade away. Let’s see how it’s holding up in price?

1:43 - March 28
1:59 - Will Smith Inu WSI/USD
5:19 - TickPick
6:22 - OpenSea
6:59 - Meme-coin creators
11:52 - The'Slap' Token
12:49 - Squid Game

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