The World is About to Change! What you NEED to know!

We are at a moment in time where the global world order needs to change. There is a push to move from dollars to yuan and historically when a reserve currency was overthrown this led to war. Technology such as blockchain has the capability of creating a level playing field.

The world once used a gold standard to correct the imbalances of the global economy. With distributed ledger, crypto, blockchain we can have a fair system where one country does not have the high ground.

Russia and China are splintering off of the dollar, Euro system and creating a gold based trade structure. The US has less production while the rest of the world produces and trades their goods and services for dollars. This means the US can print dollars and accept the fruits of hard work. We have censored dollars via sanctions and cause distrust on the global stage. This is where trustless protocols are needed. With a trustless protocol or open blockchains there is no need for reserve currencies.

Synthetic CBDC or Central bank digital currencies are fiat directly on ledger. This means the central banks can issue fiat on protocols like XRP, Algo, ethereum, cardano, etc. The banks the large institutions have created proof of concepts with these open public chains. When we move from pilot to mainstream adoption all that is needed is for fiat to be on the ledger. Instant settlement takes away the need for reserve currencies. You can instantly swap anything of value with anything else of value. We are witnessing a reset. A reset of the global world order. In this world we reset from slow dollar system to the internet of value.

U.S. officials say Russia has asked China for military assistance for its war in Ukraine. Stephen Engle reports on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia." We are seeing two emerging powers allie against the US and their goal is to move away from the petro dollar standard so that the US can not use the dollar as a weapon.

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