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While blockchain technology is being embraced by corporations around the world (see Forbes Blockchain 50) there has likewise been a boom in outfits that allow investors to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. Despite the sector being little more than a decade old, CoinGecko.com reports that there are no fewer than 580 independent crypto exchanges allowing investors to trade virtual currencies. In fact, in the last quarter of 2021, websites of dedicated crypto exchanges received 1.7 billion visits according to SimilarWeb data collected by Forbes.

For uninitiated crypto investors, distinguishing quality providers from those that appear to be reputable because of a slick website or famous spokesperson, is nearly impossible. Even exchanges with heavy trading volume in a particular cryptocurrency or pair of cryptos, is a faulty indicator of quality, because in an environment teeming with unregulated providers, it is relatively easy for exchanges to simply report fake numbers.

To help investors navigate the world of buying and selling bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, Forbes Digital Assets analyzed 60 of the largest crypto exchanges ranking them according to ten different criteria (see Ranking Methodology below) ranging from cyber-security provisions and trading fees to institutional backing and regulatory compliance, which we weighted more heavily. At the start of January, the 60 exchanges on our list were generating more than $100 billion in trading volume per day, representing the majority of crypto trading volume globally.

0:00 Introduction To The List
2:10 Explanation of Class A–Class D
2:16 Class A Overview
2:24 Class B Overview
2:35 Class C Overview
2:55 Class D Overview
3:35 Jurisdiction
4:27 Regulation
5:08 Institutional
5:52 Product
6:10 Volume
7:24 Popularity
8:03 Client Reviews
8:41 Client Funds
9:31 Cybersecurity
9:58 Low Fee Leader

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