Thierry Baudet and Richard Heart discuss Hex, Bitcoin, and CryptoCurrency

I think Thierry Baudet is like Dutch Trump. Here we chat about politics and such. is awesome. is awesome. Enjoy the show. Also, this was shot in 8k, so if you wait till later you can see it in really hi definition.

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00:00 Introduction
01:07 Thierry Baudet's Party
03:01 What Is Money?
03:26 Rent Seeking In The Finance Industry
04:43 Unelected Federal Reserve Has Undue Power
05:15 Fed's Artificially Low Interest Rates Create Misallocation of Capitol and Inflation
06:16 Netherlands Guy Tries To Sell House To RH For HEX
06:46 Insane Credit Card Fees
07:23 Crypto Finality VS Legacy Chargebacks
08:44 Crypto Is The Solution (Volatility)
09:36 How To Change Politics With Cryptocurrency
12:39 Baudet Is Creating A Party Token
15:21 RH Provides Real-World Examples of Affinity Programs That Can Be Modeled
17:25 Onboarding Users and Gaining Followers Is Hard
19:26 RH's Tour of Europe
21:13 Incentivizing Good Politicians (Paying Them More VS Less)
22:40 Growing Political Divide, But Politicians Keep Selling Out
25:51 Baudet Argues For Referendums
25:59 RH Says Only Experts Should Vote
27:00 "Educated" People Are More Susceptible To Group Think and Propaganda (2 Modern Examples)
33:47 Buying The Media To Win Elections
34:06 Using Outrage To Get Free Press
35:31 HEX Outperforms
36:08 Trump's Mistakes
36:44 Big Tech Canceling People / Needs Regulation
38:28 Big Tech Founders In California
38:55 Importance of Getting Politicians To Buy Crypto (ex. Jack Dorsey)
39:29 Governments Adopting Crypto, Effect On Power
40:46 Citizens Losing Their Rights
42:31 Conclusion
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