This CHEAP TOKEN Has Massive Potential (30X) - Altura ($ALU) Cryptocurrency

In today’s video we’ll discuss what Altura Coin is and how Altura just
might be the cheap crypto coin you have been looking for.

let’s begin,

So, Altura NFT is a blockchain platform that provides a secure and
transparent way to digitize the assets or work of the creator.
Altura NFT was established by Majd Hailat and co-founded by Maxim
Sindall. Majd is a graduate of the University of Toronto.
Maxim, who co-founded Altura Crypto Coin, is studying at the University
of Toronto. He is completing the Bachelor of Engineering.
Now with the help of NFTs Content creators can ensure that their rightful
users have authorized what they create and are not being tampered
with, including illegal distribution and plagiarism.
It is also a way to distribute value among creators and to create a
network of value.

Altura NFT is a platform of a new kind, with a unique, integrated system
that is designed to provide an original approach to content creation and
Altura is an NFT system blockchain used for gaming too.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and games have been dubbed a perfect

differences between NFT and Cryptocurrency(1:43)
What is the purpose of the Altura token(ALU)?(4:33)
current position of the Altura coin(5:14)
How to purchase an Altura Crypto Coin?(5:47)

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