This Crypto Company Needs 1 BILLION DOLLARS OR IT IMPLODES...

Genesis Trading, owned by one of the biggest crypto firms Digital Currency Group, has publicly requested a loan of $1 Billion in order to stay liquid! If DCG and Genesis Trading don't get these funds, it could leave crypto investors without their funds temporarily or even rugged forever. FTX Contagion continues thanks SBF. Sub!

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With Genesis Trading, the primary source of interest for many crypto lending programs, having requested a loan of a staggering $1 Billion, are they in more trouble than we realize? Gemini Earn halted withdrawals, and it is because of Genesis Trading not having the liquidity they need to fulfill these withdrawal requests... What does the future of cryptocurrency look like if Genesis and DCG end up bankrupt or insolvent? Let’s take a deep dive into the situation around Genesis and its complicated web of associated crypto companies and products.

Thanks a lot Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX the biggest ponzi scheme scam ever....

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