This Is What Happened In The Cryptocurrency World Today - 05-04-2023

This Is What Happened In The Cryptocurrency World Today:

MicroStrategy Buys Another 1,045 Bitcoin for $23.9M, The company now holds 140,000 bitcoin worth about $4 billion.

According to Bloomberg, Dubai government has requested more information on Binance's ownership structure, governance, and auditing procedures.

Trust Wallet has partnered with MoonPay and Ramp to allow customers to convert their crypto to fiat without using any centralized exchange.

OpenSea Launches OpenSea Pro to Help High-Volume NFT Traders Manage Transactions.

Fabian Vogelsteller, inventor of Ethereum's ERC-20 token standard, is launching a new layer 1 blockchain called LUKSO for creative individuals.

According to Bloomberg, almost no one paid taxes on crypto in 2022.

Swiss Government-Owned Bank PostFinance to Offer Customers Crypto.

Binance has no interest in buying Huobi due to its rumored ties to China, according to coindesk.

The BNB Smart Chain mainnet has announced a scheduled hard fork upgrade named “Planck”.

A wallet containing 1,215,614 Dogecoin, which had been inactive for a period of 9.3 years, has suddenly become active.

Binance enables Argentinians to buy crypto with local currency.

Tether accused of exploiting loophole for access to US banking system via signature bank.

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