This New Blockchain Can 10X In 2022 - Juno

What is Juno?
Junø is an open source platform for interoperable smart contracts which automatically executes, controls or documents a procedure of relevant events and actions according to the terms of such contract or agreement to be valid & usable across multiple sovereign networks.
Why Juno?
Juno as a sovereign public blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, aims to provide an environment for the deployment of interoperable smart contracts. The network serves as a decentralized, permissionless & censorship resistant avenue for developers to efficiently and securely launch smart contracts using proven frameworks and compile them in various languages Rust & Go.
Battle tested contract modules such as CosmWasm, allow for decentralized applications (dapps) to be compiled on robust and secure multi-chain smart contracts. Additional specialized modules may be introduced at any time via on-chain governance.
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