This Wasn't Great - 3070 Ti Mining Rig in a Server Case

In this video I build a 3070 Ti mining rig inside a GPU Mining Server Case. I accidentally blow a power supply and I just can't get these VRAM temps under control. This didn't go the way I expected at all.

In this video:
▶️ MineBox12: https://mineshop.eu/minebox12-all-in-one-12gpu-mining-rig-case/?raf=ref2468893
▶️ GPURisers Thermal Pads: https://gpurisers.com/product/gpu-memory-thermal-pads/
▶️ Ethereum T-Shirt: https://alphacryptowear.com?ref=redfoxcrypto

Links to support me:
▶️ Red Fox Crypto Discord: https://discord.gg/Kaf4dDXGJz
▶️ Awesome Miner Referral Link: https://awesomeminer.pxf.io/AoKqbj
▶️ Hive OS Referral Link: https://hiveos.farm?ref=92631
▶️CoinTracking Referral Link: https://cointracking.info?ref=M572858
▶️Parallel Miner Referral Link: https://www.parallelminer.com/?wpam_id=420

Current Favorite GPUs:
▶️ RX 6600: https://geni.us/ThwcRO
▶️ RX 6600 XT: https://geni.us/iY3VYe
▶️ RTX 3090: https://amzn.to/34CZrHQ

Mining Rig Parts I Use:
▶️ 6-GPU Frame: https://geni.us/x93J
▶️ 8-GPU Frame: https://geni.us/4b94Bq
▶️ 12-GPU Frame: https://geni.us/dQCRNd
▶️ Risers: https://gpurisers.com/
▶️ Risers: https://geni.us/Y6HWAZ6
▶️ PCIe Splitters: https://geni.us/UR8WAcY
▶️ MOBO: https://geni.us/ehB51
▶️ CPU: https://geni.us/lc1rZ
▶️ PSU: https://geni.us/d71TAI
▶️ RAM: https://geni.us/MmpYmej
▶️ HDD: https://geni.us/GsZ5uX
▶️ Test Bench: https://geni.us/waQ07B
▶️ PDU: https://geni.us/78rc

Grow Tent Setup:
▶️ Tent: https://geni.us/v17so
▶️ Best Inline Fan: https://geni.us/1BOCy7B
▶️ Inline Fan: https://geni.us/kDBxjft
▶️ Ducting: https://geni.us/fKSEo7

Power Meter:
▶️ DROC AC Power Meter: https://geni.us/f5XApPK
▶️ SpaceGoats DROC Power Meter Build: https://youtu.be/JOPObU-dsYA

Video Chapters:
00:00 RTX 3070 Ti Mining Rig Build
00:17 MineBox 12 by Mineshop.eu Overview
02:12 RTX 3070 Ti GPUs for this Mining Rig
02:56 The Problem with these RTX 3070 Tis
03:32 Slot 'Em Up
05:00 All Wired Up
05:24 Powering On the RTX 3070 Ti Mining Rig
05:55 I'm Dumb (Fail #1)
06:50 Let's Try This Again
07:31 RTX 3070 Ti Mining in Hive OS
07:40 RTX 3070 Ti GDDR6X VRAM Temps in Hive OS
07:53 This EVGA 3070 Ti is Toasty
08:46 That Didn't Work (Fail #2)
09:44 RTX 3070 Ti Firo Overclocks
10:12 GPUs Are Way Too Hot (Fail #3)
10:53 Now What???

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