To Stop Inflation Bitcoin has to Crash! Say what? I explain...

Today is a big day for all markets! The Fed Jerome Powell will be giving a speech about possibly tapering off all the free money and possibly raising interest rates because of inflation. Raising interest rates would be bearish for the US stock market as well as bitcoin.. This could lead to huge bitcoin crash in 2021 - 2022. Bitcoin follow US markets, If markets are bullish this is bullish for bitcoin. If the markets drop, bitcoin will drop much harder possibly crashing bitcoin prices as low as $14k - $10k. I think its very possible we are entering a bear market and bitcoin will continue dropping this week. Most believe we are still in a 2021 bull run. The bitcoin bull market is over and are now entering a bitcoin bear market. Bitcoin price has been dropping from our previous all time high. Why has btc not starting pumping higher if price action is so bullish? My bitcoin predictions have us crashing very soon! I break down a btc chart that shows the similarities between the 2019 bitcoin crash and a possible 2021 crash that I believe has already started. My bitcoin price analysis and chart prediction shows bitcoin is in a bubble and the 2021 bitcoin bubble is about to pop and start crashing very soon. If you think bitcoin will continue pumping to the moon, I have bad news for you as we are in a huge bull trap and the bitcoin bottom is a lot lower that most think.

Website to access these live charts:

2021 bitcoin crash prediction. If correct it has already begun! Target $10,000

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This is not financial advice! these are only my views and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.
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