Top Crypto Mining Stocks to Invest for 2022

The most valuable cryptocurrency in the world today, Bitcoin, reached a remarkable all-time high of $65,000 in 2021.

However, a massive drop in 2022 has scared investors away.

By mid-June the coin plunged as low as $24,000, dragging most altcoins to the bottom as well.

While many investors seem worried, huge mining companies calmly keep holding self-mined coins instead of getting rid of Bitcoin.

The history of Bitcoin has demonstrated that after each crypto winter, there inevitably is a crypto spring, which is followed by the summer that always surprises the markets.

And while the main mining whales may have a tough time looking at this year’s reports, HODLing always pays off for those who are patient.

On today's CoinMarketCap episode we will take a closer look at the most profitable crypto stocks that may be worth buying despite the fall.

1:15 - How Profitable Is Crypto Mining These Days?
2:42 - How Crypto Stocks Deal With Market Plunge?
03:47 - Top Crypto Mining Stocks of 2022
04:10 - Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.
05:46 - Riot Blockchain Inc.
07:22 - Canaan Inc.
08:45 - Hut 8 Mining Corp.
10:24 - Bitfarms Ltd.
11:26 - Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd.
12:59 - Is It Time to Invest in Crypto Mining?

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