Top Crypto Q's of the Week: Bitcoin, Crypto, Quantum, Energy, Div Stocks & More

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Salivating on GBTC but worry about liquidation from 3AC affect. Can it only increase the discount or is there some danger? When is that liquidation recognized in GBTC price?
02:00 GBTC Discount - hit 35% Last Week
02:20 3 Theories
03:00 # of GBTC to be a Wholecoiner
04:02 # of ETHE to be an ETH Wholecoiner
05:00 Is there a possibility to get BTC below $13,000, SOL below $22 and ETH below $700?
05:36 What Bears Do
06:36 Falls Required to Hit Your Targets
07:33 EV Analysis of Buying Now or Waiting and Tokens Mean Revert to 200 DMA
09:12 What mistakes did we make that led us to miss-selling near the top? How can we prevent this going forward?
09:30 Focused on Top Indicators - Pi Cycle Top
10:10 Bitcoin Hype Cycle
11:48 If you were 60 yrs old, would your portfolio allocation change to include high percentage of blue-chip dividend stock or high yield ETF to preserve wealth?
12:11 Age Factor
13:10 Top Dividend Stock - Philip Morris 5 Yrs
14:00 BTC over Last 5 Years + 728%
15:00 2012 saw a quantum transistor, 2022 see integrated circuits of quantum transistors. How resilient will BTC be to future advances in quantum cryptography?
15:20 Quantum Computers
16:40 Top Quantum Computer vs BTC
17:50 How does bitcoin mining energy usage compare with data centers like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc?
18:00 Data Center vs Bitcoin Energy Usage
19:00 Google vs Bitcoin Energy Usage
20:00 DC vs BTC vs Google Energy Usage in TWh
20:20 Other than the lightning network, what other L2 & L3 do you find interesting that are being developed on Bitcoin?
20:30 Bitcoin Layer 2s
22:00 What is the point of owning StableCoins if it is pegged to fiat, and fiat is affected by inflation?
22:10 Why Stablecoins
23:28 With BTC becoming synonymous with gold, the 2nd layer of money that is built on top is needed given BTC’s slow transaction times. What is there to stop this 2nd (or other) layer from being fractionally reserved, which can be said to be a fault of FIAT money?
24:00 What is Fractional Reserve Banking?
24:45 Bitcoin Fractional Reserve Banking
25:30 Bitcoin Rehypothecation
26:14 Should I move Voyager BTC to FTX or a hard wallet? If I don’t have a hard wallet yet, should I transfer Voyager BTC to FTX?
26:40 FTX vs Self Custody
28:11 Your Contributions, Our Donations
28:50 would you consider yourself a crypto whale?
29:10 You mentioned before someone could acquire Celcius and make people whole. Do you mean having their crypto unlocked or liquidated crypto refunded?
31:40 I know you’ve been in the traditional financial services business a long time, but I’m wondering if the last few years in crypto has taught you anything new, maybe given you new perspectives?! Thank you from the animals
34:11 3AC sold ALL of their GBTC according to Bloomberg
34:40 Need a 24-month inflation hedge while I save for a real estate investment. Thinking of using a REIT like Fundrise instead of a savings account. Will need to liquidate in 24mos.
36:30 How do we identify an accumulation period? debating paying off credit versus aping in
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