Trex Miner - ETH - Alephium Dual Mining

Trex miners released an update, 0.25.2, and it allows a new coin to be Dual Mined on LHR cards. The new coin added is called Alephium and I did a number of videos already on how to mine that cryptocurrency but I will go over profitability in another video in the future. For now, we focus on getting Trex miner up and running on both Ethereum and Alephium in both Windows and Hive OS. Let me know your hashrates, results, and thoughts on Dual mining this cryptocurrency, down in the comments below. Take care

Hive OS extra config Arguments (copy & paste then update to yours):
"worker": "%WORKER_NAME%"

"lhr-algo": "blake3"
"url2": ""
"user2": "WALLET.WorkerName1"
"pass2": "password"

Trex Miner:

RTX 3080 LHR Dual Mining Hashrate:

Alephium Mining Playlist:

Official Alephium site:

Alephium Official Twiter:

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