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★Texdd Group has proven mines and found 2,638 mining areas with proven reserves of iron ore resources, with a total reserve of 56.9 billion tons of ore. The company decided to spend 100 million US dollars in rebates!
★Basic wallet revenue increased by 2%
★Members enjoy recharge bonus!
Recharge 1000 get 100
Recharge 10000 get 1000
Recharge 50000 get 5000
Recharge 100,000 to get 10,000.
★ Find the online customer service to receive benefits on the same day!
★Registered members join the telegram group to receive 3trx, invite subordinates to register, and get "2trx"! Checkout today!
★Join TRONURX to become a TRON millionaire
★Customer Telegram ID - https://t.me/texedd
★Telegram group; https://t.me/+PeoW-hrBlnQ2YzRl
Member registration address:
★If you are an agent, you can get 2TRX by registering one person, there is no upper limit, you can get 30% of TRX by depositing.
★For example, if you recommend 100 registrations, you can get 200TRX! Deposit 10000trx, get 3000trx, and settle on the same day.
★ Register for a demo: http://youtu.be/olKIdbmMq_Y

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