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Kayıt Link: https://trc20.autos/#/user/reg?lang=en&code=1260655

Official website https://trc20.autos/#/user/reg?lang=en&code=1260655

Telegram Group£ºhttps://t.me/+YXLOy0z6Wm0xZTFk
Telegram Customer Service:https://t.me/Tron2016
WhatsApp Customer Service:http://wa.me/+447310386694
Business Email £º[email protected]

Promotional commission rate
A introduces the recharge transaction B, and A can get 10% of the recharge amount as a promotion commission
B introduces C recharge transaction, A can get 5% of the recharge amount as a promotion commission
C introduces recharge transaction D, A can get 2% of the recharge amount as a promotion commission

This campaign is valid for a long time. The more top-up users you refer, the more commissions you will get. This is a long-term and stable income.

If you don't have the money to invest, you can also get rewards by inviting friends. Finally, if some users do not understand how to recharge, they can seek help from the platform's official support.

How to Earn Promotion Commission:
Promote your invitation link on your family and friends, Facebook, Facebook group, YouTube, Intagram, Twitter, Telegraph group or any social media platform (invitation link: log on to the platform and click the "share" button to enter). For anyone who registers and deposits, you will receive a commission of up to 17%. These commissions will be credited to your promotion account and you can withdraw them at any time without restriction. Trust me, give it a try. It's not complicated. Users of many platforms have gained great wealth.

Basic wallet income depends on your accumulated mining investment, increase mining computing power investment, daily income will also increase
The withdrawal of the basic account is based on your total accumulated recharge amount to limit the withdrawal, the more recharge, the more withdrawal

Deposit 0-49999TRX to get 3% profit every day
Deposit 50000-499999TRX to get 5% daily income
Deposit 500000-1999999TRX to get 6% daily income
Deposit 2000000-5999999TRX to get 8% daily income
Deposit more than 6000000TRX to get 10% daily income
Please share with your friends as soon as possible

Recommend recharge to get rich rewards:
Referral new user reward: 10% for first-level users, 5% for second-level users, and 2% for third-level users.
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