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The best investment product of 2022, easily earn $300 a day.
1. Basic account: The basic wallet needs to be recharged and activated to withdraw cash. After activation, you can get 7% mining revenue and up to 10% cash withdrawal every day.
2. Promotion account: The promotion account earns income by sharing the link. When your subordinates recharge, you will receive a corresponding percentage of commission rewards (13%, 5%, 2%)
3. The platform will directly calculate the profit that can be withdrawn on the day. Activate the account with a minimum deposit of 5trx to withdraw; there is a chance to withdraw once a day. After activation, you can get 7% mining revenue and 5%-10% cash withdrawal every day. Daily mining revenue will be distributed on time at 12 AM Singapore time. You need to go to the platform (transaction) every day to receive the mining income, otherwise the income of the next day will not be credited
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