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TRON is one of three blockchain ecosystems jointly developed around the world
Blockchain developers, and developers, follow the concept of centralization
Networks and decentralized networks ". https://www.trxeth.com is a tron
Largest mining pool.
Join us and grow together??
The white paper: https://www.trxeth.com/cloud/file/trxeth.pdf
Legal documents: https://trxeth.com/cloud/file/trxeth.png
The official invitation:https://www.trxeth.com/register?code=755883
Customer service:@trxth666
Registration activation reward :800 Trx
There are 2 revenue items on the platform that you can easily earn TRX per day:
1. Basic account: Basic wallet requires recharge to activate withdrawal command. After activation, 4% of mining revenues and up to 9% of withdrawals will be earned daily. Withdraw money every day and earn profit for living.
2. Promotion account: Promotion account, which makes money by sharing links. Your level 1 user recharge 1000TRX and get 100TRX commission reward. Commission return (10%).
If the secondary user can charge 1000TRX, then they can get 40TRX commission bonus, rebate (4%).
Your tier 3 user recharges 1000TRX and you get a commission of 20TRX
Paid for it. Commission return (2%)
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