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1. This video teaches you guys where to get 5% of the daily mining income, and how to get it Click and share your promotional link.
2. The video tells the user where to recharge, how to recharge, and copy the payment address Wallet, open the virtual currency wallet and use TRX to recharge.
3. The user registers and recharges by sharing the promotion link, and the basic wallet can get TRX rewards. Promotional wallets will also receive the recharge amount, 12% for the first level, 5% for the second level, and 3% for the third level.

the upcoming launching of wbw crypto

will launching a special promotion and reward activities

Single deposit (500TRX bonus 20TRX)
Single deposit (2000TRX bonus 100TRX)
Single deposit (5000TRX bonus 300TRX)
Single deposit (10000TRX bonus 600TRX)
Single deposit (50000TRX bonus 3500TRX)
Single deposit (100000TRX reward 7000TRX)
Single deposit (300000TRX bonus 24000TRX)
Single deposit (500000TRX bonus 40000TRX)

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