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After registering, click Deposit. After depositing TRX, no operation is required, and income is automatically generated every 24 hours

1. For a detailed introduction, please watch this video to teach you where to get 5% of the daily mining revenue, how to get it, and click to share your promotion link.
2. The video tells users where to recharge, how to recharge, copy the payment address wallet, open the virtual currency wallet, and use TRX to recharge.
3. Users register and recharge by sharing the promotion link, and the basic wallet can get TRX rewards.
4. The promotional wallet will also receive the recharge amount,
Tier 1 is 14%, Tier 2 is 7%, and Tier 3 is 4%.

Registration reward: [7000]

1. Accumulated deposit【5-50000 TRX】minimum daily income 5%
2. Cumulative deposit【50001-500000 TRX】minimum daily income 6%
3. Cumulative deposit【500001-1000000 TRX】minimum daily income 7%
4. Cumulative deposit【1000001-5000000 TRX】minimum daily income 8%
5. Cumulative deposit【5000001-10000000 TRX】minimum daily income 9%
6. Cumulative deposits exceeding [10000001TRX] minimum daily income of 10%
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