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Company White Paper: https://www.trx-stx.com/TRX-STX.pdf
Certificates: https://www.trx-stx.com/TRX-STX_ZHAO.pdf
TRON-TRXofficial mining ,After successful registration on the official website, you will have two wallets, one is a basic wallet and the other is a promotional wallet. Rules: The base wallet must be successfully invested (5TRX activated) to activate the wallet. TRX can be withdrawn daily. Promo Wallet is used to share 3 tiers of investment discounts with friends. There is no withdrawal limit. You can withdraw cash in full at any time. Each person chooses a wallet to withdraw cash once a day.

1. After completing the registration, the basic wallet will receive 6000TRX as a mining pool booster. This amount can be unlocked when your pool's hash rate reaches a certain high value.

2. 7% basic dividend rate for wallet investment

Lv1 deposit Reach 5TRX daily withdrawal 4%.

Lv2 deposit Reach 30000TRX daily withdrawal 4.5%.

Lv3 deposit Reach 100000TRX, daily withdraw 5%.

Lv4 deposit Reach 200000TRX daily withdraw 6%.

Lv5 deposit Reach 500000TRX daily withdrawal 7%.

Lv6 deposit Reach 1000000TRX daily withdrawal 8%.

Lv7 deposit Reach 10000000TRX daily withdrawal 9%.

Lv8 deposit Reach 99999999TRX daily withdrawal 10%.

3. Three-level commission 【For example】: recommend friend A to invest 1000TRX, you will get 120TRX; A recommends B to invest 1000TRX, you will get 50TRX; B recommends C to invest 1000TRX, you will get 30TRX. Mining earnings will be updated after 00:05 Singapore time. TRON-LINK provides every customer with safe, efficient and stable long-term mining income TRX services. Your income depends on when you join and the level of money you invest.

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