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【5% rebate every 24 hours, can be withdrawn immediately after the rebate arrives】

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Invitation code:346118

The platform supports multiple currencies such as: USDT, BTC, BUSD, DOGE, ETH, ... If you need to buy currencies, please do
so on the exchange. Or use the following Fangjie purchase platform:

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Online 12:00am-12:00pm (Singapore time)

TRX mining investment income ratio:

Registration Bonus: 10TRX

Investment income ratio:
Deposit 1000TRX, investment period: 1 day, daily interest rate 5%, daily income 50TRX, principal plus total return afterexpiration: 1050TRX

1. Daily investment: 50-9999TRX. 5% Daily Return

2. Daily investment: 10000-9999999TRX. 10% Daily Return

3. The invitation reward is 20% commission. Take A, B, and C as an example, as follows:
Tier 1 users 13% (A)
Secondary users 5% (B)
Tier 3 users 2% (C)

4. The platform provides daily check-in 1TRX, 7-day 5TRX, 15-day 8TRX, 30 Additional rewards such as 15TRX for 50 days, 20TRX for 50 days, and 50TRX for 80 days.

5. Note: The inviter needs to recharge and invest

6. For example: you invite A, and A deposits 1000TRX, you can get 13% (130TRX) bonus commission.

A invites B, and B deposits 1000TRX to get a 5% (50TRX) bonus commission.

B invites C and C to deposit 1000TRX to get a 2% (20TRX) bonus commission.

Rewards commission paid directly to your award Rewards wallet, and can be withdrawn in full at any time. The more referralinvitations, the more The more rewards, the unlimited!

Register now, recharge any amount, and get more TRX income

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Email - [email protected]


दोस्तों आपके प्यार और सपोर्ट के लिए आपका बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद आप इसी तरह से हमारा सपोर्ट करते रहिए और आपको इसी तरह से नयी नयी वीडियो मिलती रहेंगी आपने अपना कीमती समय दिया इसके लिए आपका बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद!
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