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The daily income of cloud mining is 7%. If you invest 5000TRX, {5000*7%=350} your daily income is 350TRX, and so on, the more investment, the more income.

Withdrawal situation

The minimum deposit is 5TRX, and the daily withdrawal is 5%.

Accumulated deposit of 5TRX to 30000TRX, 5% withdrawal every day.

Accumulated deposit of 30001TRX to 100000TRX, daily withdrawal of 6%.

Accumulated deposit of 100001TRX to 200000TRX, daily withdrawal of 7%.

Accumulated deposit of 200001TRX to 500000TRX, 8% daily withdrawal

Accumulated deposit of 500001TRX to 1000000TRX, 9% daily withdrawal

Accumulated deposit of 1000001TRX to 10000000TRX, 10% daily withdrawal

Cumulative deposit of more than 10000001TRX, 15% daily withdrawal

Share your top-up and get great rewards: You can get 13% commission every time your LV1 is deposited. When your LV2 is deposited, you can get a 5% commission. When your LV3 is deposited, you can get 3% commission.
For every 100trx deposited in your LV1, you can earn 13trx commission. When your LV2 deposit 100trx, you can get 5trx, when your LV3 deposit 100trx, you can get 3trx commission. Bonuses can be withdrawn immediately, unlimited

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