TRXJY.COM/TRX Wallet Investing in Cryptocurrency - 2022 Strategy | Cryptocurrency Investments

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1. The minimum deposit is 5TRX, and the daily withdrawal is 5%
2. Cumulative deposit 5-30000TRX daily withdrawal 5%
3. Cumulative deposit 30001-100000TRX daily withdrawal 6%
4. Cumulative deposit 100001-200000TRX daily withdrawal 7%
5. Cumulative deposit 200001-500000TRX daily withdrawal 8%
6. Cumulative deposit 500001-1000000TRX daily withdrawal 9.5%
7. Cumulative deposit 1000001-10000000TRX daily withdrawal 10%
8. Cumulative deposit 10000001-50000000TRX daily withdrawal 13%
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The higher the accumulated recharge amount, the higher the rate of return. This is a long-term stable income, looking forward to your joining
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LV1 recharge, get 13% commission Your LV1 users recharge 100TRX to get (13TRX) commission
LV2 recharge, get 5% commission Your LV2 users recharge 100TRX to get (5TRX) commission
LV3 recharge, get 2% commission Your LV3 users deposit 100TRX to get (2TRX) commission
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