Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency - Course introduction

The Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency

A guide written for students, investors, traders and professionals.
This is a fully fleshed course consisting of FIVE books and more than 10 video's.
In these books, and additional videos, we lay down ALL basics to Cryptocurrency.
We answer frequently asked questions.
We make an analysis of various coins, platforms and projects.

Book I: Binary Gold, Crypto
The beginners guide to the world of Cryptocurrency.

I will teach you about the jargon associated with trading and Cryptocurrencies.
Introduction to the "how" and "where".
I share traders information and guide you towards setting up and choosing your own digital wallet.

Book II: In Focus
A continuation from "Binary Gold, Crypto".
More advanced lessons and more elaboration on a variety of coins.
Introduction to good practice and bad practice.

During this course you may find an in-depth analysis on Bitcoin, the current market and examples of good coins and bad coins.

It offers a valuable perspective for investors in the Crypto-market as well as further elaboration on the foundations of Cryptocurrencies.

Book III: Crypto FAQ
Advanced lessons.
Laying down the truths and facts about trading.
This book are a series of recurring questions answered in an uncensored and factual basis.

Book IV: Crypto Mining
The subject of Cryptocurrency mining is an interesting one. There are various methodologies as well as strategies in order to get Cryptocurrencies by mining.

Within the pages of this book we discuss the various strategies and means to get in on mining Cryptocurrency. We guide you through the choice of miners, how to maximize your profit from mining and much more.

We also learn how you can mine, and help sustaining the blockchain, without owning a mining rig.

This book has been made available as stand-alone and can be found here.

Is currently the latest addition to this course.
As DeFi is taking the Cryptomarkets by storm, various companies, businesses and blockchains are preparing themselves for the major changes that are to come.

DeFi will be bringing services to the blockchain and revolutionariwe the entire market.

It is the next evolutionary step for blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
Tons of opportunity.
Tons of possibilities.

Cryptocurrency is still in its infant shoes.
DeFi has just been born.

Everything that needs to be known is contained in this book.

This course is also available as stand-alone here.

Instructional videos
Some subjects need more elaboration.

The following videos are included for download or watching online:

- Bitcoin Whales
- Buying Bitcoin VS Mining Bitcoin
- Can (lost) Bitcoin ever be recoverd?
- Genesis block and Genesis Hash
- How to obtain Bitcoin
- Traceability of your Bitcoin address
- What is a 51-Attack?
- What is a Satoshi?
- What is DeFi?
- What is Staking?
- What makes Bitcoin unique?

End note:
The reason I started this course is to make people aware of the seeming endless and new possibilities blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies has to offer.
It is an almost criminal offence to not be involved.

This course is certainly aimed at:
- beginners
- students
- small business-owners
- beginning investors

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