Ultra CEO interview | The Blockchain Gaming Steam Killer

Ultra describes itself as a blockchain-based, PC game distribution platform designed to provide both gamers and game developers with new opportunities. It consists of an ecosystem where gamers can, on top of buying and playing games, resell their used games and items, and earn money through their participation in Ultra. Game developers will benefit from new revenue streams, SDKs, overlay technologies and blockchain tools that power up their games via features like item distribution. The Ultra token (UOS) serves a variety of purposes within the Ultra platform, both at the protocol (staking) and at the app level (transactions). With developers fees being 12% (unlike rivals Apple and Steam at 30%) this may prove to be the future hub for blockchain games.

Guests: Nicolas Gilot & David Hanson, Co-CEOs of Ultra
Ultra website ➜ https://bit.ly/UltraUOS

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~Ultra CEO interview | The Blockchain Gaming Steam Killer~
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