Unboxing, Setup and Review: Ellipal Titan Mini (Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet)

Buy an Ellipal Titan Mini: https://www.ellipal.com/products/ellipal-titan-mini?rfsn=5812268.f75d11
Buy an Ellipal Joy Mnemonic Generator: https://www.ellipal.com/products/ellipal-joy-mnemonic-generator?rfsn=5812268.f75d11
Ellipal QR Spec: https://github.com/ELLIPAL/air-gapped_qrcode_data_format
Hardware Wallet Comparisons: https://cryptoguide.tips/hardware-wallet-comparisons/

A video that looks at the Ellipal Titan Mini, unboxing, setup and review. I run through the basic features of the wallet, some of what makes it unique and also some of the issues that you might run in to.

This also looked at some of the challenges with updating the firmware, as well as difficulties in sending funds due to an "Service Maintaining" error message.

00:00 - Start
00:05 - Intro
00:58 - Unboxing
01:59 - Initial Device Setup: Mobile App
02:25 - Initial Setup: Wallet Creation
04:26 - Receiving Bitcoin
04:52 - Demo Sending Bitcoin
06:28 - Device Settings Overview
06:48 - Ellipal Titan vs Ellipal Titan Mini
08:00 - Firmware Update
10:29 - Firmware Update Attempt #2...
11:00 - Firmware Update #3...
12:02 - Overview of New Firmware Features
12:39 - Summary and Conclusion


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