Understanding Blockchain and How it is transforming the world Mic & Shorts Ep.04

Blockchain is a concept that has taken the world by storm. But still, there are lots of questions around the concept itself and its various applications.
Also, at a personal level, I wanted to understand more about Blockchain, DeFi (which is decentralized finance), and Dapps (which are decentralized apps). So, I reached out to my senior from Engineering college, Sameep Singhania, and called him on the Podcast.

Sameep has been working on Blockchain for the last 4 years, his domain knowledge is amazing. So, I tried to leverage that domain knowledge and dived deep into this whole blockchain concept with him.

I also tried to understand its applications and the skills one needs to work on to capitalize on this booming demand for jobs in the blockchain ecosystem.

If you are also curious about blockchain then, this is exactly what you are looking for. Let’s learn.

0:00 Introduction
4:06 Journey to becoming a Blockchain Developer
6:42 Coming from a Computer science background vs Non - Computer science background and learning Blockchain
9:14 What is Blockchain from a layman's perspective?
12:00 Example to understand Blockchain better
14:08 Understanding Smart Contracts
19:25 Coding language for Blockchain
24:34 Why is high computing power needed?
34:38 Who runs the mining operations?
37:08 Applications of Blockchain
41:05 Perspective on Regulations
42:06 Decentralized Finance what is Cryptocurrency exchange
45:01 How is Blockchain changing the world?
47:45 What kind of jobs will this industry generate?
51:15 Resources for people to get started on Blockchain
58:15 Challenges in running a Blockchain-based startup

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