Understanding Cryptos and Blockchain Technology for Investing in BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, POLYGON , RIPPLE

This video aims to clarify that Cryptos are created using Blockchain Technology. The concept of decentralised Networks and distributed ledgers is explained for beginner investors to help them gain a better perspective. Blockchain 2.0 and its growing use cases in the field of finance and law.
Concern about energy efficiency. Learning from the masters quotes Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Ace Investor Warren Buffet who have raised their concerns about sovereignty and volatility. Thereafter, the video shares major developments across the world in 2021, especially China, the USA and El Salvadore. Further insights are shared about Investing and how speculation is different from Innovation which comes from a deeper belief in Blockchain technology. Suggested the Crypto influencers be followed across the world including the leading names from India.

A crypto returns chart is shown displaying the actual returns on investment during the last 1 year. Viewers are encouraged to explore the technology use cases and do their own research so that they too can generate valuable insights. The video concludes by sharing the Start Smart Crypto Investing guideline to prevent new entrants from making bad decisions with their investments in the Cryptocurrency space.

Although the next video will describe how to open an account with a Crypto Exchange. Those who wish to deep dive themselves and can't wait for the next video are welcome to take advantage of the referral links shared below, can start right away..
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