[UPDATED] Free Crypto Mining Software + Payment Proof 2022 | FREE DOWNLOAD


How It Works:
1. Use Email to get Started
2. Paste your Unlock Code you got
3. Enter your Wallet Address
4. Disable Few Settings for Automatic Withdrawal and Deposit
5. Select your Wallet Provider
6. Set Server URL
7. Check Btc
8. Clear Logs and Activate Faucet
9. Hit Transfer Now
according to the new rules, Youtube blocks external links, I will duplicate the link in the comments
Download: http://gg.gg/crypto-mining

▬ IMPORTANT: youtube has blocked the transition to external sources, copy and paste into the search bar of your browser▬

Password: CORE22
My setup:

Mouse: Razer DeathAdder elite
Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chroma
Mousepad: Steelseries (the big one)
Displays: Samsung and another Samsung display but don't know the name of them
Headset: corsair void pro RGB (Black & with wire)
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Cryptocurrency Mining
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