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APP download address: https://appbfc.wbcoin.club
Registration invitation code: AYPQ36
Corporate Law White Paper: https://bfc.wbcoin.club

1. Video demo of deposit and withdrawal

2: Focus (share and show your invite link in the video, then share your sign up invite link to everyone, your members and all your social software), teach your audience how to use sign up invite links and how to use them its video

3: State the income and commission income that can be earned on the team. Let your audience understand the importance of team development and user team development, and how your team can benefit from your audience. You can actually earn commission income from your team when your users sign up on the platform via your signup invite link and top up. Conversely, when your subordinate invites his friend to sign up and it is successful, you can also earn team commission income. When the secondary user continues to invite friends, you will also get the team's tertiary commission and income amount

4. When you register with your registration invitation link, you will get 15% of the user recharge amount, this is how your team makes money. Conversely, when secondary users recharge, they will also receive 5% of the team's income. When the third-level user recharges, they will receive 2% of the team's income.

5. Notify your team users daily to withdraw the daily amount. You can withdraw 5.5% of the deposit amount every 24 hours of the day.

6. The way to obtain team funds is divided into three levels: first-level users get 13% of team income,
Effective recharge, secondary users get 5% of the effective recharge of secondary users, and tertiary users register
and top up, you will get 2% of your team income

7. Tell your team that the company registration invitation link can be promoted on any social software, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instatrma, Douyin, KAO KAO, etc. You can also get more income and invite friends and family to register. develop your own team

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