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Safuux is now Vulcan Blockchain. In this video I go over the latest news for the Vulcan community. Vulcan launch date is March 1st!

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What's up YouTube! I found out about this recently launched platform called Spritz. This is a decentralized approach to converting your crypto into fiat, and not only that, but you can pay your bills with crypto all in ONE STEP. Pretty sweet stuff!

Use this site if you'd like to:

a) Pay your bills directly using crypto
b) Send directly to your ACH bank account
c) Send directly to someone else's ACH bank account
d) Only pay 1.5%-1.95% in fees

Hardware Wallet: Keystone
Like to gamble:
Piggy Bank:
Drip Faucet:
Drip Garden:
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Sign up for Coinbase using my link and we can each get $10 in Bitcoin

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