VVS FINANCE - HOW MUCH I MADE - $1500/3 FARMS/2 MINES - (8 Day Report)

In this video we continue from my 3rd or 4th day of Staking with VVS Finance (3 Farms/1 Mine and also added a BIFI Mine). You can use this timeline as a reference if your new or just want to do a simple run down of what if feels like to invest into VVS Finance. Use the data how ever you may, I'm not a professional financial advisor, and you shouldn't listen to anything I say as financial advice, I'm just "Your Average Crypto Guy", I don't know shit.

Now with that being said,
Personally I've had my money here for a week and a couple days, and I have made 100 mines, and I have also accrued over 300K of VVS from mining. I enjoy this environment, and this is just my opinion. I'm not here to get rich over night, but here for a steady ride, but I'm also aware that could be a possibility. With this Cronos eco system I feel like I am in some secure hands, as Crypto.com has a lot of thing going for them and they are in partnership and well knitted with VVS Developers. So in the mean time I will continue my mining position, and possibly maybe add to them, while we are still young.

To me....
the future is bright for VVS, and CRO...and I am looking forward to see what happens next especially with all the new things to come for Crypto.com and VVS Finance.

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