We are so excited!! We just closed on a 50 acre property in Virginia to build a solar-powered Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Crypto mining farm! Let's review VoskCoin and what is next for us!
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I am so excited to be able to share this awesome news with you all and the simple fact we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to build a new Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto mining farm powered with solar panels and thus a totally green solar powered mining farm! I have always dreamed of owning 25+ acres, as well as a property that has a creek/stream/river running through it because that's what all of wildlife revolves around. It would be incredible to build a hydropower turbine and then start power crypto mining rigs with hydropower, however, the much more attainable and realistic route will be to set up solar panels to power our mining rigs! We also have a brief health update on Tails our Shiba Inu and Doge, I am also fortunate to have recently purchased my dream car, a 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra! Let's review everything that is going on with VoskCoin and how we are planning to build not only our solar powered mining farm here, but also our custom dream home! Countless crypto projects coming soon to our fantasy factory, crypto edition!

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Turbulent Be creating small scale hydro power turbines - http://voskco.in/turbe

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00:00 We just closed on 50 acres to build a solar powered mining farm!
01:20 What is VoskCoin, how did VoskCoin start, and why?
03:11 Tails Vosk the VoskCoin Doge health update and backstory
04:54 VoskCoin is building a custom home on our new land!
05:18 I bought my dream car thanks to cryptocurrency, a 2003 Cobra
06:01 VoskCoin Bitcoin Crypto mining farm solar power inspiration
07:26 VoskCoin Crypto Mining Shed contributed to solar power design
10:09 VoskCoin solar powered crypto mining farm design and plan
10:54 We want to build a hydro powered crypto mining farm too!
12:48 VoskCoin solar power mining farm set up plan and timeline

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