We Fixed Our Overheating RTX 3090 Nvidia Build & Increased Our Farm by 72 MH/s

Today we are trying to fix our overheating RTX 3090 Nvidia build by combining our two 3090 rigs into two 6 GPU frames. We were not happy with the thermal throttling issues and feel separating the cards will really cut down on the heat issues. We are going to start swapping the thermal pads in the near future, but moving the cards will be a great start. Thanks for watching!

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Trying out Our Gimbal
0:50 Our 3090 Rigs Before the Changes
4:53 We Removed the 2 3090 Zotac GPUs
7:37 Both Rigs are Complete with 6 GPUs
8:51 MinerStat Overclocks
10:12 Final Thoughts on Evening Out the Rigs

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