Web3 Watch | Crypto Crime Prevention w/ TRM's Head of Government Affairs Ari Redbord | Fireside Chat

In this fireside chat, Cardstack's Founding Director Chris Tse and TRM Labs' Head of Legal and Government Affairs Ari Redboard talk about using blockchain solutions to detect, monitor, and investigate crypto fraud & crime.

TRM works to build a safer financial system by helping crypto businesses, financial institutions, and governments fight fraud and financial crime in the crypto space. Focusing on digital asset compliance and risk management, they provide a platform to screen cryptocurrency wallets, transactions, and entities.

Introduction (0:00)
Balance between investigation and prevention (3:54)
Intersection between tools of investigation and prevention (5:49)
Adopting toolsets to different types of markets across the globe (7:44)
How do you develop sensible regulatory frameworks in this space? (10:05)
Public-private partnerships in regulation (14:33)
How to determine type of issue within crypto crime (15:33)
Regulating the NFT market (18:23)
Consumer adoption of NFTs and usage (20:44)
Greater possibilities of the wallet (23:38)
Outside of the market, what keeps you up at night? (25:16)
Advice for someone jumping into Web3 (29:06)
Lego block composability (31:30)
Collaboration between public and private (33:32)
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