Web3 Wix Integration | Crypto wallet login to Wix and NFT gated Wix content

You can log in with a cryptocurrency wallet to Wix websites. Support for login with hot wallets such MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect QR code, Phantom, Pera, and cold wallets such as Ledger and Trezor. Once the crypto wallet connect to the Wix website is successful you can verify the holdings of the wallet and do NFT-gated content. Wix websites work flawlessly with NFT token gating. Here access to content or pages on the Wix website can be restricted and access is given based on the NFT owned in the wallet.

Video Timestamp:

00:07 When we have ownership of NFT, we will be able to access VIP articles
00:39 Where we don’t have NFT ownership

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