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Web3 and its existence are all about providing freedom and freedom that is legitimate. A perfect web iteration that fiercely opposes centralized meddling and gives users total authority over their data and content management. Web3 is still in development and has more potential to be discovered, and although important components have been provided and used, this decentralized web is sure to offer major benefits to users.

Although we are unclear about what web3 will evolve into in the upcoming years, given its ability to progress user experience and place a greater emphasis on user authority, it will still be fascinating to follow the new goals that are being offered for humanity.

Understanding Web3

Gavin Wood, a computer scientist and co-creator of Ethereum, first used the terms "web3" or "web3.0" in 2014 in his blog "Insights into a Modern World." To reevaluate how the current web functions, this decentralized version of the web is focused on enhancing user privacy and personal information.

optimized by blockchain technology and the web's mathematical operations, which was the idea behind the web's upgrade from version 2, where no centralized authority could be trusted. Users of this website have complete autonomy and can know exactly what is happening with their data.

Web3 Principles

To give you an experience depending on your activities, centralized platforms like Facebook or Youtube collect user data, which is then shared with local authorities. However, this method also transmits your data without giving you any control over it. While decentralized web3 applications save your data in your cryptocurrency wallet, Your data is completely removed when you log off. Additionally, users can decide what material should be made monetizable.

Anonymization: Privacy is established in your wallet similarly to data ownership. Your wallet becomes your primary identification for the web3, which houses all of your existence and activity on the decentralized web. Even though the web makes your activities visible to the world, unless you make your identity known to users and demonstrate that you are the legitimate owner of your material and account, no one can see who you are.

Consequently, now is the time for users to establish their web3 existence while the technology is still in its infancy and before it's too late and technical giants already have their bases set up. Otherwise, it will be harder for users to stand out from existing technical giants, and it will be too late.

Simply go to Quik.com, register with your MetaMask wallet, and choose the .web3 NFT domain and mint. A quick landing on the web3 using quick steps and quick exchanges.

If you had the chance to design technology, what would it be? Please share your answer in the comment area below. Moreover, why?

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