What building a 1GH/s Ethereum Mining Farm Setup is like (1000mhs crypto mining rigs)

What is it like building a 1 ghs Ethereum Mining Farm Setup? Follow along in this video as I set up my 1000 mh/s crypto mining farm from start to finish. In the video we build a total of 3 ethereum mining rigs, with a total of 35 GPUs. Mainly, the farm consists of 1660 Super graphics cards as well as some GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 GPUs. We start by taking apart the current Ethereum mining rigs I had so that we could re-arrange the GPUs together with the 9 new graphics cards we added to the farm in this video. We then start building our 3 mining rigs completely from start to finish. We end the video by going over the total hashrate for each mining rig as well as the total hashrate for the whole ethereum mining farm setup.

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