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Join this free online course to learn everything you need to know about blockchain. The course includes use case examples and demos for you to get a deeper understanding of how blockchain works and how you can benefit from it.

Course Summary
Blockchain is a topic that has received a lot of publicity in recent years, but what’s really behind blockchain technology, and how does it work? This course provides you with an example-based explanation of what blockchain is. You’ll learn how to know whether to consider blockchain and which innovations it includes. You’ll discover business realities and challenges, and learn about identity, privacy, and accountability.

Blockchain is a technology available to enterprises. The course focuses on how this technology works and if it can be used in business. Many compare blockchain to email. Can business work without email?

The course presents examples, demos, and stories to clarify why blockchain is a "big deal". It covers cryptocurrency, finance, new identities, and developing new apps with examples in sustainability.

Guests: UNICEF, European Council, disaster relief examples (OXFAM), Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Toucan, Empower.

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