What CryptoCurrency Should You Mine in 2022? | ETH 2.0, BitCoin, Crypto Cashout & Flux

In today's video we are going to discuss My 2022 Crypto Mining Strategy! As you can imagine this is not backed by facts or experience, but mainly what I have learned over the last year Mining Cryptocurrency in my Home GPU Mining Farm. The big question, What CryptoCurrency Should You Mine in 2022? This is really what is on all Crypto Miners Minds right now. We are still very lucky CryptoMining is still very Profitable in the Current Bull Market with Ethereum. With Ethereum's Proof of Stake being a hot topic amount the Mining Community. Bitcoin has become more and more active to me as a GPU Miner as we approach ETH 2.0, let's discuss why and my gameplan for Mining in 2022!

Cryptocurrency Mining
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