what if pakistan defaults? | اگر پاکستان ڈیفالٹ کرگیا - pakistan economic crisis 2022

Pakistan economic crisis 2022 . what will happen if PAKISTAN defaults and go bankrupt? Economy of Pakistan is crashing badly. Is Pakistan going to be next Sri Lanka?
Economic crisis in pakistan is getting worse day by day political instability and current circumstances are getting towards pakistani bankruptcy. is the economy Collapse near ? Kya Pakistan srilanka ki tarha diwaliya honay ja raha hai ? Hear the thoughts of the great economist USMAN HUSSAIN.

Mulk diwaliya ho jae to kya hota hai? Future of Pakistan ...

During financial crises and even less severe situations, capital controls are often imposed to restrict or prohibit transferring or personally taking money, securities or other valuables out of a country. To end hyperinflations a new currency is typically issued. The old currency is often not worth exchanging for new.


Do watch the video of this SriLankan guy.

Kya Pakistan chand dino main diwaliya honay ja raha hai ?
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