What is Crypto? Part 1 of a 10 Course Series: Cryptocurrency Basics 101, Explained for Beginners

Free 10 Course Series on the Basics of Cryptocurrency 101, for Beginners, explained with animation. 2 minutes videos are quick, easy ways for beginners to delve into the exciting new world of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Play2Earn gaming, web 3.0, and the Metaverse

Crypto Basics: What is cryptocurrency?
Why is everyone talking about cryptocurrency? Can crypto make me rich?

Isn’t crypto just digital money?
Digital money relies on a bank or financial institution, who controls your money

And crypto?
Cryptocurrency is not controlled by a bank or government.

How is that possible?
Transactions are recorded using blockchain technology

Blockchain technology uses a large number of computers worldwide to record transactions in a pubic, decentralized manner

Public? Yes all transactions are public and transparent

What is decentralized?
There is no one computer or company in control

So, noone controls crypto?
No corporation or government controls crypto!

What are some examples of crypto?
Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two biggest cryptocurrencies, but Dogecoin and Shiba Inu may be just as well known

What are some advantages of cryptocurrency?
It can be outside the influence of banks, corporations, or governments
Transactions can be cheaper, faster, and more convenient
Prices can go up quickly, and some people can make lots of money

What are some disadvantages of crypto?
Highly volatile prices
Some governments have banned it, and others are still figuring out how to tax it

Why are there so many kinds of crypto?
Crypto and blockchain are both in their early stages, similar to what the internet was like in the eighties and nineties.

Why is there so much interest in crypto?
Blockchain technology is behind the explosion in
Decentralized finance offering way more than traditional banks
NFTs for the collectors and Play to earn gamers
The Metaverse craze
And, the prices of crypto and NFTs have risen so much, that some people became very wealthy almost overnight
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