What Is Liquidity Pool? | Liquidity Pool Explained in 8 Minutes | Cryptocurrency | Simplilearn

In this video on "What is Liquidity Pool?" will help you understand all its related concepts from basics to advance. it will help you understand what is Liquidity Pool and how it works in Decentralized Finance or DeFi in Blockchain Technology. It will give you an idea how Liquidity Pool works and how it helps for modernizing traditional financial systems. It will give you an idea on how it differs from ordered books format in Blockchain.
In this video, you will learn:
00:00 Introduction To Liquidty Pool
01:26 What Is DeFi?
02:14 What Is Liqudity Pool?
02:53 Liquidity Pool vs. Ordered Book
04:03 How Liquidity Pool Work?
05:32 Regulations of Liquidity Pool
06:15 Pros and Cons of Liquidity Pool

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