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Here Are the Most Expensive NFTs Sold in 2021 and 2022
Edward Snowden, Stay Free $5.4 million (2,224 ETH) in April 2021
Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection It sold for $5.93 million.  
A piece minted in 2018 by XCOPY sold in November for $6 million on SuperRare. 
Beeple, Ocean Front : His other piece, Ocean Front, sold in March for an impressive $6 million, making him one of the most successful NFT artists on the market. 

CryptoPunks (CryptoPunk 3100, CryptoPunk 7804, CryptoPunk 4156, CryptoPunk 7523)
CryptoPunks are among the earliest examples of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Originally comprising 10,000 unique characters, they were quickly claimed once they appeared on the blockchain and offered for free to anybody with an Ethereum wallet. They can now only be purchased via marketplace, and the total value of sales thus far has reached an astonishing 645,180 ETH or $1.91 billion.  Last year, four CryptoPunks were sold for over $30 million in total - CryptoPunk 3100 ($7.51 million), CryptoPunk 7804 ($7.56 million), CryptoPunk 4156 ($10.35 million), CryptoPunk 7523 ($11.75 million). 

Top 8 NFT Sales Sites! (Create Paid And Free Mints!)
Binance NFT : https://www.binance.com/en/nft/home
OpenSea NFT : https://opensea.io/
Superrare : https://superrare.com/
Rarible : https://rarible.com/
Niftygateway : https://niftygateway.com/
Nbatopshot : https://nbatopshot.com/
Mintable : https://mintable.app/
Foundation : https://foundation.app/

What is NFT
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