What is the Relationship between Blockchain and Bitcoin Technology in Digital Currencies?

A Blockchain is a computerized or Digital Ledger of Transactions maintained by a Computer network that is difficult to Hack or alter. The Technology provides a protected way for people to manage each other without an intermediary such as a Government, Bank or other players.
Blockchain is the Technology that enables the existence of a Digital Currency. Blockchain Technology has changed the way data can be exchanged on the internet so that the information cannot be altered or deleted.
Blockchain Technology has not yet gained widespread acceptance, but it can potentially drastically change the way we work by providing a Trusted, Cryptographic framework for trading data. The Blockchain is considered a Computerized Ledger in which all Transactions are Recorded, with each partner owning its own duplicate of the Ledger. Each page of the book is a "Block" of information. Each page of this book is known by a comparable page number called a "Hash" and the first passage on each page is the "Hash" of the last page. The most important passage is the "Chain" that connects the Pages or Blocks of the two Transactions.
Blockchain Technology is widely used to reduce costs, speed up transactions and advance information security for financial institutions, Medical providers, Businesses and more, which is good news for consumers, investors and other stakeholders.
Blockchain Technology is keeping pace with the Digital Ledger for Bitcoin, which is known as a storage of transaction information in which Blocks are linked together to form a Chain. Blockchain and Bitcoin were developed in a 2008 white paper, more specifically Bitcoin, a common Digital Payment System.
Blockchain and Bitcoin are different developments, Bitcoin is not a Regulated Digital Currency, but Blockchain Technology kept pace with the transaction book of Bitcoin, so Bitcoin is known as the use of Blockchain. Many know that it is the Technology behind Bitcoin, but the uses of Blockchain go far beyond Digital Currencies.
Bitcoin is one of the most amazing Cryptocurrencies for which Blockchain Technology has been introduced.
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