What makes a hard asset? A look into inflation, debasement and true value

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00:00 Introduction
00:30 The Story
00:45 Bitcoin HODL Waves Signal Start of Bullrun
01:33 Debt to GDP Ratio = Boxed In
02:00 Bitcoin 100-10K Wallets On the Rise
02:47 Inflation Erodes Dollar 85% in 50 Years
03:24 U.S. Dollar Devalues By 99% vs. Gold In 90 Years
04:00 Ethereum In 1 Month
04:30 Ethereum Burn and Issuance per Day
04:45 Gold Inflation Rate
05:12 Other Layer 1 Inflation
06:00 Gold vs S&P 500 Last 50 Years
06:31 Gold vs S&P 500 Last 10 Years
06:55 Gold Hard Asset Example
07:20 Gold Real Returns Ie Beating Inflation
07:45 Real Estate up at least 700% Last 50 years
08:05 Real Estate Hard Asset Example
08:27 Bitcoin Inflation Rate in 2024
08:45 Bitcoin Inflation
09:11 Adoption is Key - Metcalfe’s Law
10:00 Ethereum Flippening - Upperhand in Staking
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