Why BitBoy Crypto & MMCrypto Don't Give A Sh*t About You OR Crypto (Reality Check)

Why BitBoy Crypto & MMCrypto Don't Give A Sh*t About You OR Crypto (Reality Check)

IF you had asked me 3 years back, being a Youtuber was never on my bucket list. It’s not my personality time, and I rarely care what other people think.

But I really DO love the crypto space. In Fact, I have been actively into crypto way before the crypto bull run of 2017.

To put this into perspective, I bought my very first bitcoin when it was still double digits price range.

I am more interested in hardware wallets, crypto security, and you’ve probably seen me making unboxing videos and reviews about them since I have real world experience actually developing one, working for a crypto company back in 2018.

Thats right, I actually WORKED in the crypto space, not just some guy who saw bitcoin was trending, and start talking about things I have no clue what I am saying……

But, some ruin this space for everyone.

Now, as I said, I love this space and the new technologies underlying this.

But after making the video about pomp Vs. Bitboy crypto.

I thought to myself hmm…. this guy is doing something shady and his videos and his narrative look disconnected.

So… I went into my deep research mode and found that multiple sleazeballs are exploiting the hell out of regular Joes.

Preying on their human emotions, lack of education, and greed to get clicks and likes.

So I decided enough is enough. Let me bring you a video exposing them.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

0:00 Intro And BitcoinLockup.com
0:56 Why I Made This Video ({Preface})
3:27 #1 BitBoy Crypto
12:23 #2 MMCrypto
17:14 VLaunch Scam Exposed
17:52 Final Thoughts And Outro


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