Why Bitcoin in 2023? With Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano | EP #22 Moonshots and Mindsets

In this episode, Anthony (@AnthonyPompliano ) and Peter discuss investing in Bitcoin in 2023, navigating the crypto market through drastic changes, and the potential of Bitcoin in the coming future.

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is an entrepreneur and technology investor well-known for his popular podcast, “The Pomp Show.” As well as hosting conversations with significant figures in the finance, technology, and business world, his podcast has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

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00:45 - 01:19 Intro
01:20 - 02:38 The Responsibility With Learning & Sharing Amongst Others.
02:39 - 06:50 How long Till You Can Actually Start Using Your Bitcoin?
06:51 - 08:01 Planning Your Financial Life Is Better In The United States
09:52 - 13:27 Is The Ownership Of Bitcoin Becoming More Accessible To Individuals?
13:28 - 17:23 What Mindset Do You Need When Buying Bitcoin?
17:24 - 21:12 What Can You Do When Bitcoin Value Changes So Drastically?
21:13 - 26:37 Real Estate Investment May Not Be As Lucrative As You Might Think.
26:38 - 29:31 Protecting Yourself When Your Investments Drop In Value.
29:32 - 37:39 What Is The Potential Of Bitcoin?
37:40 - 43:16 We Need To Let Time Pass For Bitcoins Development.
44:54 - 50:06 When Will Bitcoin Start To Be Normalized In Industry.
50:07 - 55:05 What Is The Next Big Step For Bitcoin?
55:06 - 59:39 Should You Put Your Savings Into Bitcoin?
59:40 - 1:01:58 Does Pomp Own Any Other Types Of Crypto-Currencies?
1:01:59 - 1:07:10 Should You Still Be Listening To Legends Of The Financial World?
1:07:11 - 1:10:20 Being Part Of The Bitcoin World You Look At The World Differently.
1:10:21 - 1:12:39 What Will Bitcoin Look Like For The Future Of The Human Race?
1:12:40 - 1:15:55 Once You Get Bitcoin, Where Do You Store It?
1:15:56 - 1:18:34 Outro/Final Predictions From Pomp.

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