Why Flux Mining is Extremely Profitable & How to mine Flux

In this video I show you just how profitable mining Flux is, I show you why miming FLUX is so profitable and finally I show you how to mine Flux. We start by having a look at whattomine to see the current mining profitability of Flux and compare it to the profitability of mining Ethereum. And it currently seems that mining Flux is the most profitable coin, even more profitable than Ethereum. After this I explain just what is going on with Flux and why it is so profitable, which is mainly due to two things. The first reason flux mining is so profitable is because it has recently had a massive price increase. The second reason is because of a technology on the Flux network called parallel assets. Flux parallel assets are basically a flux coin that exists both on the FLUX network as well as a different coins network at the same time. This makes Flux mining so profitable because for every block reward you get from mining, you also get an additional 10% of each of these parallel assets. There are currently 5 Flux parallel assets with another 5 to come which means Flux mining block rewards will increase even further in the future. I finally then show you the complete set up for mining Flux. We do this by getting a wallet, downloading a mining software (Gminer in this case) and configuring that miner to mine to Minerpool.org.

Mine Flux on Minerpool:

How Flux parallel assets are paid:

Flux website:

My previous showcase video of Minerpool.org:

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