Why I Didn’t Choose to Become a Bitcoin Maximalist | Jordan Fried

Immutable Holdings recently went public on Canada's NEO Exchange, aiming to diversify a portfolio of blockchain businesses to shareholders. Jordan Fried, Immutable Holdings Chairman and CEO, says up until this point in time there has not been any equity exposure plays in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Fried tells our Daniela Cambone that he wanted to go public with Immutable Holdings now, defining it as the "Berkshire Hathaway" of blockchain because of the role it plays in equity markets. He asserts that Canadian markets have been progressive in their view towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, where Canadian regulators bring much more clarity compared to surrounding nations.

"Not all central bank digital currencies are going to be blockchain related, which I think is kind of a big disappointment," says Fried, as central banks look to evolve the global banking system. He believes there is a major opportunity present to bring new trust and transparency to the public that could be missed.

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